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Welcome to Barauli Paradise Resort

Namaste 👨‍🎤

Experience nature in the Terai (South Nepal)  

You will find our Barauli Paradise Resort, a family-guided place in a comfortable atmosphere, in the direct neighbourhood of the Chitwan National Park, world nature heritage of the UNESCO. 

We rent well-cared rooms in the traditional style. All rooms have private bathrooms with shower and toilet. In our dining hall with bar we offer local specialities. 

We also have free of charge WIFI at your disposal. 

Whether groups, families, individuals and backpackers —they are all welcome. 

There are many services available such as organization of trekking, excursions, trips into the jungle and multiple other activities to get to know the wonderful, subtropical landscape of the Terai and its people. 

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Barauli Paradise Resort

Arrival from Kathmandu: 
The resort is situated 180 km from Kathmandu south of the Mahabharat Range. The easiest way to reach Barauli Paradise Resort is the flight from Kathmandu to Bharatpur (20 minutes). 
Our shuttle service will take you at Bharatpur Airport and drive you to the resort (1 hour). Alternatively you may travel by tourist bus or taxi (5-7 hours). 


Telephone: +977-9847122983

E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook Messenger: 


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